Jaroslav Lopatynsky / Galicians II

Jaroslav Lopatynsky (1871 – 1936)

By profession a doctor, Jaroslav composed over 100 art songs.  He possessed an exquisite talent to express, in few bars, our deepest felt feelings; humorous in the extreme, reflective, dramatic, and always melodic. 

Jaroslav studied medicine in Vienna for 7 years and during this time fully immersed himself in musical Viennese life.  Here he composed his first art songs. which remain his greatest contribution to Ukrainian National Music.  The onset of the 1st World War precluded Jaroslav from developing his extraordinary talents yet further into the symphonic genre.  However, his talents were proclaimed by Ukraine’s most eminent composers, notably Stanyslav Liudkevych and Vasyl Barvinsky.