The Ukrainian Art Song Project is extremely grateful to the Ukraine Millennium Foundation (UMF) of Edmonton, Alberta for funding the Online World Library of Ukrainian Art Songs.  

This World Library will give anyone with access to the internet the ability to download the scores of Ukrainian art songs for free.

Ukrainian art songs, composed primarily in the 19th and 20th centuries, are artistic masterpieces largely unknown throughout the world, as they were suppressed within Ukraine due to repressive foreign domination. The UMF believes that these classical music compositions deserve to be recognized and showcased on international stages and is pro-actively facilitating this goal by supporting the library.

With the support of the UMF, the Ukrainian Art Song Project is proud to initiate this educational and cultural effort which will be a valuable tool for music students, emerging artists, professional singers, teachers and performers, as well as a source of pride to those of Ukrainian origin in Canada and throughout the world.